Aesthetic House Calls

Botox and Dermal Fillers



(per unit)

1. Forehead single treatment with         


2. Glabella Single Treatment 350.00 

3. Crows Feet 300.00

4. Forehead and Glabella Single Treatment 750.00

5. Brow Lift 150.00

6. Lip Flip 250.00

7. All 3 Facial Areas (forehead, Glabella, Crows Feet) 1,000.00


(per unit)

Love Your Lips -High Style


Show your lips some love with a subtle or dramatic plumping up using Juvederm Ultra Plus XC or RESTYLANE® DEFYNE with our custom lift and fill technique.


Enhance your Cheeks

$699 - $899

1cc of Juvederm or Restylane  filler

Show A Little More Cheek


 Enhanced definition and lift using 2cc of filler.


Rejuvenate Eyes


Reduce the appearance of dark circles / bags under your eyes with custom fine-target technique using Hyaluronic acid.

Clear Cut Jaw Definition


Improve the definition of your jaw line and achieve a more youthful appearance with this treatment designed to help sagging skin around the jaw.

Non-surgical Nose Job

From $899

A great non-surgical way to smooth out lumps or bumps in your nose.


MEET Jeanna

Jeanna Masone is well known for her understanding of the face and how to make patients feel and look beautiful. An expert on cosmetic, surgical and non-surgical technologies, she offers the most up-to-date methods of anti- aging medicine.


Her passion for cosmetics isn’t something new. Beauty has always been on Jeanna's mind as she began her long career in nursing 15 years ago. Throughout her career she has worked in recovery room, ICU, and currently is still working in another field she is passionate about, outpatient cardiology.


She continued to pursue her passion for cosmetic skin care by becoming a Certified injector of Allergan/ Botox, Juvederm and Kybella. She is a larger than life character, who loves beauty and glamour. She enjoys nothing more than to serve you her customers and keep you looking and feeling your very best.